10 Dates: A fun and sexy romantic comedy novel by Emily James book review



Joanie Fox can’t wait to settle down and marry the man of her dreams. However, when her engagement starts to look more stalemate than soulmate, her best friend stages an intervention sure to make even the most hardened, serial daters wince: 10 Dates in 10 Days.

Statistically, if you kiss a lot of frogs there’s bound to be at least one that’s not a complete toad, isn’t there? With nothing to lose, Joanie embarks on a crazy rollercoaster of blind dates. After all, what can possibly go wrong in the search for Mr. Right?

10 Dates is a standalone, sexy, laugh out loud romantic comedy with a happy ending. It is not for the feint hearted and is best suited for readers over the age of eighteen due to sexual themes and mature content.


This a a refreshing read! This rom-com style book is told in a light-hearted manner. Emily James is new to me, but man I loved this short sweet novella. The banter between Joanie (# 4) and her neighbor #6 is hilarious. I loved watching the two interact, as you can tell that there is something there, but they still have playfulness picking on one another. It was hilarious to watch her go through all these blind dates she gets set up on. Some of them just made you cringe but in a way like crappppp I’ve been there before. This book was tons of fun and I loved it! Seriously, a refreshing read to get you out of a book slump! It was very well-paced, humorous, light-hearted! Truly I cant say enough good words about Emily’s writing! 5 stars from me!

The Almost Boyfriend by Christina Benjamin book review



Sometimes the thing you’re looking for is right in front of you—almost.

Nobody likes Devon James, including Devon James. And why should they? He had it all and took it for granted—money, girls, popularity and a future with endless possibility. Now he’s just a washed-up has-been. Or so everyone thinks. No one knows the real reason the handsome soccer star quit the team and dumped the hottest girl in school, but they’re not about to forgive him for it either. That’s why he’s perfect for Samantha Connors. Sam Connors always follows the rules. But when her father forces her to leave Boston to finish her senior year of high school at a posh prep school in Ireland she has no choice but to rebel. And bad boy Devon James is just the guy to help her break all the rules. Sam is determined to get her life back and return to Boston by any means necessary. Her plan is crazy, but she’s convinced it will work—almost.A Fun, Fast, YA Romance Read. This is a stand-alone novel. Perfect for fans of Gossip Girl, 13 Reason’s Why and Pretty Little Liars.
(Note: Suggested reading age 16+ for mature language and content.)


So book 2 is even better than book 1 if that is even possible! I loved the location setting for book 2. Ireland! *daydreams about sexy Irish guys momentarily* So yes sexy Irish guys with sexy Irish accents are included! (i mean how can you not already love this book). Christina’s writing still blows me away. This is her second book, but both are stand alone’s. I’d also like to talk book covers for a second, I absolutely lover her cover choices so major props to her artist!

And now for the story. She had me sucked in from page one! She mentions Adele and how it is Samantha’s outlet. Who doesn’t love Adele? Second I really love her character. Christina always makes her women in her books so well written. They are independent and while they fall in love, are still strong and don’t NEED the guy.

I’m still swooning over Devon here. Man I thought book 1 had a dreamy guy. Well Devon is just wow! She even writes in an Irish accent. Told ya great writing skills by her. You really can almost hear his voice in your mind as you read. The more you get to know Devon, the more you fall.

The supporting cast is well written too as they grow on you and actually contribute to the story versus just becoming background noise. The plot was amazing and keeps you flipping every page. I stayed for a good while reading this because i simply could not put it down. So again 5 stars from me. Also is there more of these books coming out soon? I NEED them.

Loving You with Teeth and Claws (Dead Things .5) by Martina McAtee book review



Twenty-two-year-old alpha wolf, Isa McGowan, is busy. While most people her age are finishing college and starting their careers, Isa’s raising four pre-teens and running a restaurant. She doesn’t have time for dating, and she especially doesn’t have time for the lunatic standing on her porch, claiming to be her fiancé . . . no matter how pretty he is.

Wren Davies has a dangerous problem, and Isa is his solution. When he arrives in Belle Haven to explain his plight, the last thing he expects is a punch to the face. Instead of finding a politically savvy alpha with a large wolf pack, he meets a barely five-foot spitfire with a mess of kids, a mean right hook, and a million excuses why she’ll never honor their betrothal.

Now Wren has two problems…



*******Warning some spoilers ahead*********

This books keeps us entertained as Martina sticks to her tradition of telling a marvelous story in alternate character chapters. This book is her prequel to the Dead Things series. While you can read this as a prequel I suggest reading her other two first as by the time you pick this one up, you will have an even deeper love for our favorite Belladonna pack. Martina writes a wonderful introduction to her series with this prequel as we learn about the childhood of our favorite gang. We learn how Wren and Isa met, and just who and how a certain darkness in their lives came to be. This book shines out as Martina writes a masterful tale that not only shows us what love is but how it affects us. We see in this book that love can be beautiful, it can be harsh, scary, and how sometimes accepting it is the biggest challenge of all. This book is packed with action and suspense as we see just how cruel some can be and use their powers and strengths for evil while some use it for good. This book will make us face our own selves and ask how do we respond to those in need, how do we choose to love and when the time comes, will we stand up and fight for what is right or will we use our strengths for evil because sometimes it is easier to take the bad path. This book is so wonderfully written as Martina pulls you into her story and you can almost see, hear, touch, and taste the setting to this book. The characters and their interactions are so descriptively written that it feels like you personally know them. Martina makes your heart race as you turn each page quickly just to see how the pack turns out and if all will be alright. This book is super intriguing and I could not put it down. I read straight through, white knuckled, gripping every page till i reached it’s end. So, my conclusion is this:

A) Martina please write faster as my anticipation of the next book is growing everyday

B) Everyone should read this series as it is wonderfully written

C) This book gets a million stars from me

D) Did mention that Martina should write faster? Well I’m considering setting up a go fund me so she can retire from her day job and do nothing but write….and have i mentioned how great this book is yet?


If you would like to learn more about Martina you can so by clicking here

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Chasing His Cottontail (Hoppity Shifter, #1) by A.R. Barley book review

chasing his cotton tail


Peter’s been half in love with Luke Holland for as long as he can remember, but his best friend’s very human brother has always been off limits but when werewolves come to town this bunny shifter is going to have to decide whether he’s ready to fight for what he’s always wanted.

Luke Holland is tall, dark, and human. He’s also off limits for daisy obsessed bunny shifter, Peter. But when werewolves start hunting Peter in the woods around New Hope he’s going to need Luke’s help to fight the intruders. Of course, when Luke discovers the truth about Peter he’s never going to stop chasing his cottontail.


So this book was short and sweet. It was very charismatic, and i found it absolutely adorable! This book features a m/m romance where one of them is a bunny shifter! It was totally adorable to hear the thoughts of Peter in bunny form. This book is exactly what the author wanted it to be short, sweet and in her words in the book “cute as fu**”. I vastly enjoyed her writing and loved her new thoughts geared towards writing this type of novel! Thank you for letting me review this and 5 stars!

The Practice Boyfriend by Christina Benjamin book review



Practice makes perfect…or so she thought.

Nobody likes Cody Matthews, including Cody Matthews. And why should they? He got his high school girlfriend pregnant and then almost killed them both while driving drunk. That’s why he’s perfect for Hannah. She’d never fall for someone like him. Hannah Stark is a high school senior with a resume of straight A’s. She’s never stepped a toe out of line. But that’s also why she’s never had a boyfriend. While all her classmates are counting down the days until graduation, Hannah is dragging her feet. She can’t believe she’ll be leaving her adolescence behind without ever taking a chance to be wild and free. That’s why she’s set her sights on Harrison. Harrison Cohl is everything Hannah wants to be. Gorgeous, wealthy, popular and wild. He’s also notorious for the legendary masquerade ball he throws every year. And this year Hannah is determined to be invited. And have Harrison as her date. Her plan is crazy. But she’s convinced she just needs a little practice to make her high school résumé perfect. A Fun, Fast, YA Romance Read. Perfect for fans of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. (Note: Suggested reading age 16+ for mature language and content.)


My heart is swooning right now! I absolutely loved Christina Benjamin’s writing. This book is so cute. Ilt is a wonderful, past paced book that will have you racing to the end to see what happens. I absolutely loved Hannah! She was sweet, charismatic, intelligent, and witty. The plot is this book was fun and fast paced. It has a great story idea and Christina follows through with a dynamite ending. She keeps you interested through the whole book and keeps the reader engaged in her realistic plot themes. This book is not over the top nor too insta-lovey. Cody *swoon* Cody is the troubled boy with a past. He is so freaking dreamy. Harrison is well a something i cant say bc i dint want to ruin the book with spoilers. This book kept me guessing and surprised me with every turn. Also, made me feel a bit nostalgic for my high schools days as Christina made some great reference to popular 90s teen movies, and truly depicted the social  classes of a high school. So 5 stars from me! (also she has a new book out called the almost boyfriend, review to come soon)

10 Things I Can See from Here by Carrie Mac book review

10 things


Think positive.
Don’t worry; be happy.
Keep calm and carry on.

Maeve has heard it all before. She’s been struggling with severe anxiety for a long time, and as much as she wishes it was something she could just talk herself out of, it’s not. She constantly imagines the worst, composes obituaries in her head, and is always ready for things to fall apart. To add to her troubles, her mom—the only one who really gets what Maeve goes through—is leaving for six months, so Maeve will be sent to live with her dad in Vancouver.

Vancouver brings a slew of new worries, but Maeve finds brief moments of calm (as well as even more worries) with Salix, a local girl who doesn’t seem to worry about anything. Between her dad’s wavering sobriety, her very pregnant stepmom insisting on a home birth, and her bumbling courtship with Salix, this summer brings more catastrophes than even Maeve could have foreseen. Will she be able to navigate through all the chaos to be there for the people she loves?


*sigh, deep breath* Okay. I really, really wanted to like this book but I couldn’t. I had multiple issues with the whole book. There were SOME things I liked but overall…I just couldn’t.

So to make it easy heres a list of pros and cons.


  1. Maeve’s anxiety seemed very realistic and I liked that the author made is sound more real than what some books have gone to by glamorizing it. She made it real, ugly and raw.
  2. The fact that Salix never tried to fix Maeve, she just tried to help her find good coping mechanisms.
  3. The fact that the writer gave us realistic feeling family members.



  1. Maeve being gay, jumps on her step mother (who admits to being bi) tells her shes not gay and she don’t understand.
  2. The birth scenes at the hospital were a bit over the top for a YA book
  3. The plot felt jumpy and seemed like it had no pace.
  4. I like Salix okay but other than that I had no emotion for any other character.
  5. The fact that Maeve needs to be on medication and her parents wont allow it… like seriously girl needs meds.
  6. The over obsession with death in this book.
  7. The poor writing in most parts.


Thank you blogging for books and penguin for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review but 2 stars from me.

Interview with Heather Renee author of To The Falls


First off, Welcome to my little blog corner and thank you so much for agreeing to this interview!



Q.) First tell us where the idea came from to write this story. I believe you started out as a PA before becoming an author.


  • Hello! I’m so glad to do this interview, thank you for having me! Yes, I was a PA before and I actually still am. My story idea came from a trip to Multnomah Falls that I took with my daughter. We got to chatting about what might be behind the large waterfall and how cool it would be walk through it. I took those few sentences and let my imagination run wild! A few other parts of the story were inspired by my childhood like Strix.


Q.) Was there any place that inspired the world of Arvata?


  • I guess you could say that would be Multnomah Falls. It’s where the story was thought up from and the first part of the book is set near there.


Q.) Who inspired the relationship of Kali and Lucas? Kali and Jordan?


  • The characters each had their own way of talking with me as I wrote. No one person inspired them from my real life. I wanted to make Kali someone who was strong and passionate. Lucas was always meant to be the ultimate soulmate. He was lonely for so long that it was easy for him to be all in when he met Kali. Jordan came in and helped me to provide the humor in the book. I wanted people to be able to laugh while they read as well and she was the perfect girl to make it happen!


Q.) So tell us about Strix! I absolutely adores that feathery little owl! Why an owl though versus another owl. (although I think an owl was perfect)


  • Strix was brought into the story as an owl because when I was young we lived out in the country and I had large oak trees in our backyard. We had a white barn owl that lived out there and I went out every day after school and chatted with him and looked for any dropped feathers. When I wanted to Kali to have a magical companion, I couldn’t think of anyone better!


Q.) What can we expect in book 2? (as in a synopsis or small blurb)


  • Book two is coming along nicely and I am super excited about this story. I have over-thought on title and similar things so I don’t have that finalized just yet, but what you can expect from the next installment is for the story to pick up a year after Kali arrived in Arvata. Lorelle finally comes back and explains just what she was sent to do by the Fates.

Somehow, someone has created half-Guardians and are going to try and use them against the people of Arvata.

Kali and her friends will travel around trying to find these half-Guardians before their maker gets a hold of them. Then they’ll be headed to the Otherworld to stop more from being created.

Once there, truths will be unfolded, powers will emerge and lives will be threatened. They’ll have to decide quickly if the risk is worth the reward.




Q.) What was the hardest part to write? The easiest?


  • The hardest part for me was the detail. I had to remember to slow down and that the reader couldn’t see what I saw in my head unless I put it in words. After I was done writing, I went back and added five thousand words just in details to the story.

The easiest was thinking of the story. I didn’t often struggle to know what came next. The characters were very vocal!


Q.) Any advice for aspiring writers?


  • I will give the same advice I was given. Write every day. Even if what you are writing never gets used, make it a habit. Don’t give up on your dreams and lastly, if you’re going to do it, go all in. Save the money to make sure your cover will draw readers in and pay for an editor. Self-editing never works, no matter how good you think you are. Pay attention to the small stuff, so you don’t have to do things twice later on down the road. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! If you’re not having fun, then what’s the point?


Q.) What’s the best way for your followers to connect with you?


  • I am mostly on Facebook and I have a fan group called Heather Renee’s Guardians. That is where I interact most. When I remember, I’ll throw a random post or two on Instagram and twitter ***makes note to do this today*** and I love to have giveaways on my author page on Facebook under Heather Renee Author. If social media isn’t your thing, I am also happy to chat via email at HeatherReneeAuthor@yahoo.com.


Q.) Anything else you want to add?


  • If you’re still reading at this part of interview, THANK YOU! I hope you love Kali and her friends as much I do. This is a fast past story and does NOT have a cliffhanger! It could be treated as a standalone, but I will definitely be continuing the story from Kali’s POV with the remaining two books I plan to write. I love hearing from readers so please reach out to me at any of the above platforms. Thank you, Reading Wolf! This was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again for Book Two!


Again, thanks for this so much! It has been a pleasure to have you and to have read your book!


If you want to check out my review of book one you can here: