About Me

So, first off my name is Laura and I’m a very caffeine dependent life form. My hobbies, include reading, coffee and/or hot tea, and napping. (actual it’s work…. i work a lottttttttttttt, but seriously it’s reading when I have time)

Some of my favorite genres are Fantasy ( all hail Queen Maas!), Sci-Fi, and Horror (bow to the overlord of horror, Stephen King).

I’m pretty obsessed (to put it mildly) with anything horror related. Sadly though most books are now overly saturated in this department and its very repetitive. I love horror movies even though they are pretty cheesy these days. The only horror writer I feel keeps his originality would be Stephen King. Each book he has written is unique and you get actual hair raising, chills from them. Stephen has kept a strong voice in this over saturated market and horror is not so much as the BOO! scariness form, but more of an eerie , make you feel uncomfortable scare. I’m still on the lookout for other editions of his books to add to my library (aka office, but my husband insists I own a small library, not man cave, not office but library. I really enjoy finding some of his older and rarer books, especially when I stumble across them in older used bookstores. I’ve gotten lucky and found a few 1st/1st edition copies! His son is a fantastic writer as well and I think he’s doing a great job of standing out on his own and finding his own voice. If someone finds NOs4A2 in hardback please message me where. I can NOT find it anywhere . TIA.

Sarah J. Maas is brilliant as well. In YA, most markets tend to be contemporary, contemporary, contemporary and when you read something in a dystopian/ fantasy setting its still very much lovey-dovey, over hyped triangles. Whilst she throws some of that into to her books, she doesn’t keep punching you in the face with it. You get real action, fantasy, and adventure. Her books will keep you turning every page and rooting for the main character(s), even the ones you love/hate!


Random Facts

-I collect tons of fandom funkos

LOTR/ Coraline, IT (or any other Stephen King Movie), Lilo and Stitch, Nightmare before Christmas etc

-i have 3 shady cats. All of which are utter assholes but I love them anyway.

-I have a mug obsession

-I love anime and anything related to Ghibli I collect.

-I want to one day get my literary degree and work in publishing.


I can’t really think of much else so just DM for anything else! Thanks for checking out my blog!