A Woman’s Lot (The Meonbridge Chronicles #2) by Carolyn Hughes book review




How can mere women resist the misogyny of men?

A resentful peasant rages against a woman’s efforts to build up her flock of sheep… A husband, grown melancholy and ill-tempered, succumbs to idle talk that his wife’s a scold… A priest, fearful of women’s “unnatural” power, determines to keep them in their place.

The devastation wrought two years ago by the Black Death changed the balance of society: more women saw their chance to build a business, learn a trade, to play a greater part. But many men still hold fast to the teachings of the Church and fear the havoc the daughters of Eve might wreak if they’re allowed to usurp men’s roles and gain control over their own lives.

Not all men resist women’s desire for change – indeed, they want it for themselves. Yet it takes only one or two to unleash the hounds of hostility and hatred…


I’ve been a fan of Carolyn Hughes since Fortune’s Wheel and now this book just makes me lover her as a writer even more! This is the second novel in the Meonbridge Chronicles. In this novel you see that as always times are changing. This time you see husbands who have lost their wives, wives who have lost husbands. The sheer grasp of mortality that hangs in the balance. Women are finally coming into their own and desiring that so yearned for independence. This novel focuses on four different women and gives us internal look into their daily lives, thoughts, and emotions, all set among this backdrop. I highly recommend this novel! 

Paperback, 288 pages
Published June 4th 2018 by SilverWood Books Limited
Shelved: Historical Fiction

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