The Queen of Crows (The Sacred Throne #2) by Myke Cole book review



In this epic fantasy sequel, Heloise stands tall against overwhelming odds–crippling injuries, religious tyrants–and continues her journey from obscurity to greateness with the help of alchemically-empowered armor and an unbreakable spirit.

No longer just a shell-shocked girl, she is now a figure of revolution whose cause grows ever stronger. But the time for hiding underground is over. Heloise must face the tyrannical Order and lay siege to the Imperial Palace itself.



This has been my new favorite Fantasy book of 2018! Book two picks up right from where book one leaves off. (So I highly recommend reading this series in order) I feel like in this book its where we see Heloise finally come to grips with who she is. You see her struggling to find her voice and figure out how to command those beneath her rank. I feel like in this book you really see many changes and commands come from her, both good and bad. But this is war and sometimes the best choice isnt the one most would like and it can be very dark. I think you also see just how heavily each decision weighs her down. In this novel everything is questioned and nothing is left out in the open. Decisions must be made and Heloise will have to fight the biggest battle against herself and her emotions.

5/5 Stars

Hardcover, 256 pages
Published September 18th 2018 by Tor Books
**** I recieved this book from in exchange for an honest review***

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