Suicide Club by Rachel Heng review


Synopsis (as taken from GoodReads)

Lea Kirino is a “Lifer,” which means that a roll of the genetic dice has given her the potential to live forever—if she does everything right. And Lea is an overachiever. She’s a successful trader on the New York exchange—where instead of stocks, human organs are now bought and sold—she has a beautiful apartment, and a fiancé who rivals her in genetic perfection. And with the right balance of HealthTech™, rigorous juicing, and low-impact exercise, she might never die.

But Lea’s perfect life is turned upside down when she spots her estranged father on a crowded sidewalk. His return marks the beginning of her downfall as she is drawn into his mysterious world of the Suicide Club, a network of powerful individuals and rebels who reject society’s pursuit of immortality, and instead chose to live—and die—on their own terms. In this future world, death is not only taboo; it’s also highly illegal. Soon Lea is forced to choose between a sanitized immortal existence and a short, bittersweet time with a man she has never really known, but who is the only family she has left in the world.


This book was absolutely beautiful. The cover grabbed me and i honestly want a physical copy for my bookshelf! The world that was written in this novel was vastly captivating and I found myself drawn in to this dystopian world. This thought provoking read will raise many questions as as think more and more about the mortality of man and its impact on society. Overall I was pleasantly pleased with the world building of the story, however i would had liked a little more background on how someones life is calculated at birth. it is mentioned that an algorithm is used but I would have liked more depth on that and the company that Lea works for. There isn’t tons of action to this as it is more focused on driving the characters and their lives. The characters themselves were written really well and I felt like they did get built up well enough on their own. Overall I give this 4.5 stars.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with an e-ARC of The Suicide Club for my honest review.
Hardcover, 352 pages
Expected publication: July 31st 2018 by Henry Holt and Co

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