“The Valarsard Chronicles” by Erin Eldridge review




The Ravening Heart of the Wolf (book 1)

A brutal medieval warlord believes his lost true love has returned to him from the grave. A young girl is uprooted from the sheltered life that is all she has known and must learn to survive in a violent and pitiless world where man is wolf to man. A valiant young warrior loses his heart to her, but the unforeseen tears them apart. Fate conspires to throw all three into each other’s path with shattering results.

The Wolf of Winter (book 2)

Following the dramatic events that closed Book One, the Valarsards settle back into harmonious co-existence. But tranquility is short-lived, enemies are close at hand, and both the wolf and the eagle are called upon as never before to protect loved ones and avert further tragedy.



Thoughts on both books……

I really was amazed and blown away at the writing! While these are the first two books I’ve read by Erin they will not be my last. Erin’s writing is smooth and fluid as each page keeps you turning to the next. These books were easy one click reads for me.

The plot was phenomenal and read similar to Brandon Sanderson meets Sarah J Maas. Seriously they were that good. The story is well thought out and you can tell the world building was thought out and research had been done to contribute to this fantasy novel.

I really loved the characters! They were very diverse and each one packed a hard punch to the story making me want more to their world. I have a love-hate with some characters and others pretty much hung the moon with me. I just can;t believe I haven’t read these sooner. These books deserve lots of praise! Also the dedication is so adorable! (to her grand kids!!)

Book two follows up after the events of book one and has a smooth transition. I was kept loving each moment in this book as well. I highly suggest to not read book two before you’ve read book one as you will loose things in between that make this story so dear to my heart.

I give this book 5/5 stars!

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