Go Home, Afton: Afton Morrison, Book 1 by Brent Jones book review


Synopsis(as taken from GoodReads)

We all wear masks, and Afton Morrison is no exception. A small-town librarian with a dark side, Afton, twenty-six, has suppressed violent impulses her entire adult life. Impulses that demand she commit murder. Blending her urges with reason, Afton stalks a known sexual predator, intending to kill him. But her plan, inspired by true crime and hatched with meticulous care, is interrupted by a mysterious figure from her past. A dangerous man that lurks in the shadows, watching, threatening to turn the huntress into the hunted.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book! This book is reminiscent of a female version of Dexter Morgan. The main character to this novel was so intriguing! It was interesting to read her emotions and to see her animus come out and how she reacted to her inner self. The tension in this book was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The emotions driving Afton to pick her victim was so gut wrenching to learn. You truly understand why she became the way she did. (sorry folks no spoilers, have to read it to find out) I really like reading her inner monologue as it was sometimes humorous and sometimes terrifying in a good suspenseful way. The other characters in this book were equally pleasing to read as each one brought something to the story and nobody felt like they were there solely for filler. I feel like throughout the book I would keep thinking I had her and who the stalker figured out was and nope, I kept finding new twists and turns at every end. This book does leave on a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see whats in store for Afton! This was a very refreshing read and I one clicked it. 5 stars from me. Thank you Kate Tilton’s Author Services for providing me a copy in exchange for my honest review.


2 thoughts on “Go Home, Afton: Afton Morrison, Book 1 by Brent Jones book review”

  1. Plenty more twists and turns to come, Laura! Thanks for the awesome review. I appreciate it. —Brent


  2. I wanted to mention that Go Home, Afton is now permafree ($0) everywhere eBooks are sold, including Amazon.

    If you think your followers would like to know, feel free to pass on the good news!

    Best wishes,



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