The Heart’s Appeal (London Beginnings #2) by Jennifer Delamere book review



Julia Bernay has come to London to become a doctor–a glorious new opportunity for women during the reign of Victoria. When she witnesses a serious accident, her quick actions save the life of barrister Michael Stephenson. He rose above his family’s stigma, but can he rise to the challenge of the fiercely independent woman who has swept into his life?


While this is book 2 in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. You read some characters that were introduced in book 1 however the plot makes perfect sense without having read book 1, although i suggest reading it, as it is a true delight. This book is so beautiful and vivid in a sense of historical detail. This book has a truly beautiful moral to it that i don’t want to spoil here, so you will have to read it for itself. I was rooting for Julia and Michael the entire time as I feel that they came into each others life as God might have planned. This book had me weeping for joy as i read it. The book describes some very intense scenes with realistic accuracy(i.e childbirth, women’s rights, etc.) It was also interesting to see the time period and how the medical field was for its time and how certain things were practiced. So much time and effort went into writing this book and every word had me hanging on. I really loved the beautiful dynamics and how prayer and faith can truly bring out the best! 5 stars from me!


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