Deranged Angels and Cannibal Hearts (Dead Things #3) by Martina McAtee



Four months ago, Ember Lonergan made a decision that changed everything. She brought back a life, and it cost her a life in return. Only magic kept the pack from suffering the severe consequences of Ember’s rash decision. She thought the secret would stay buried forever. Josephine ensured them the spell would hold and the Grove would never know what they’d done.

But that was before Silas. Silas changed everything. He believes Ember is the only thing standing between him and the love he’s carried for over a century. He’s determined to take everything she loves away from her starting with her pack, and he has plenty of help. He’s got the original coven, he’s got Quinn, and he has a magic that rivals the gods.

The pack can only beat Silas by standing together, but that’s not as easy as it once was. People are keeping secrets, half the pack is crazy, and two of them are currently dead. Despite all of this, Ember still believes she can fix it, that she can save them all, she just needs more time. But just when she’s convinced she’s finally figured it all out, new players enter the game.


****Warning contains spoilers****

Book 3 is here and as per usual Martina out does her self!! Each book gets better and better (or maybe i have an addiction to this series or both lol). This book is a definite must read!

In this book we really get to see a new side of Quinn…soulless Quinn. I definitely have a love/hate thing for Quinn like this. He’s fun to read but at the same time I want to reach through and slap him. Tristin surprisingly is one of my new favorites in the pack. She really shines out and you see her grow as a character even through her heart suffering.

Mace/Ember I am still rooting for always! I absolutely love and can’t wait to see what happens now that Mace has a body again. Kai/Rhys/little RJ still has me over the moon. They make the perfect parents for RJ and i love seeing their parenting dynamic as little RJ keeps shifting back and fourth. Its quite amusing. Not going to lie I hope Martina keeps writing these books till shes old enough to be the crypt keeper just so i can see RJ as a teenager and Kai/Rhys having to deal with his mood swings and be like “Oh Gods, no wonder Isa wanted to murder us some” kind of thing…

It was also interesting to read Mace in the *in between* world and how everything looked and felt. How he interacted with a certain character that becomes of good use to him later..The world building that goes into these books is intense.

I also am really pleased with how well Martina can write so many alternating perspectives, and everything flow so smoothly and transition nicely to where it all still makes sense. By the 3rd book you really hear these characters voices in your head and as you read them and their actions you’re silently going “ooohhhhh Isa gonna kill them, or oooooohhhh they know better!!”

This book is a 5 star read from me! Side note: what the hell ending was that….why do i have to wait for book 4….i need answers as to whats going to happen like yesterday…..



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