Cross the Line Magic (Believers Book 2) by C.V. Guyer



I’m being stalked. Everyone thinks I’m just being silly, but I know better. He is everywhere; at my grocery store, my dry cleaners, he somehow even got himself invited to my house for Thanksgiving. He’s charmed my parents, brothers and even my pig.
He was smooth about it though, I really did not see Jax Cross coming. It could have been the cheese puff in my eye, but I really didn’t see those big brown eyes, sparkling smile, and two perfect dimples heading my way. I’m gonna try and fight it. At least I’ll give him a run for his money,
I’m MacKenzie Michaels. And I’m so screwed.

I got hit by my Bus a few weeks ago. Hard. What’s a Bus?
My One. My Person. The missing piece to my soul. The ying to my yang. The PB to my J.
Only she’s been driving in the other direction ever since I started trying to catch her. It’s possible I have my work cut out for me. I may just have to cross a few lines to make it happen…
I’m Jax Cross and I don’t recommend calling your One a Bus to her face.


Is it possible that each book in this series keeps getting better and better? I fell in love with Max and now I’m over the moon for Jax. This book is witty and charming and will have you laughing nonstop. I love that this book picks up from Cross the hall and ties in to the Christmas novella. This Mother/Daughter writing duo sharpens their writing skills more and more with each story that they write. I can’t wait for the next book to come out and see who’s story we get this time as there were new additions to this series that I would really like to read. This series is so funny and full of sexy wizards that will have you swooning. You will also learn to beware of cheese puffs as they can result in injuries lol. This is a definite 5 star read!


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