Lullaby Road by James Anderson book review



Winter has come to Route 117, a remote road through the high desert of Utah trafficked only by eccentrics, fugitives, and those looking to escape the world. Local truck driver Ben Jones, still in mourning over a heartbreaking loss, is just trying to get through another season of treacherous roads and sudden snowfall without an accident. But then he finds a mute Hispanic child who has been abandoned at a seedy truck stop along his route, far from civilization and bearing a note that simply reads “Please Ben. Watch my son. His name is Juan” And then at the bottom, a few more hastily scribbled words. “Bad Trouble. Tell no one.”.



I thoroughly enjoyed this read! While this is the second book in a series I believe, I found it easy to follow and did not feel that it was necessary to have read its predecessor. James Anderson is a new author for me and I will continue reading books by him as I enjoy his writing style. This book had me white knuckled over the pages, pouring myself into the story. It was captivating and the book was almost flawless. I only wish the ending hadn’t felt so abrupt but it was still really well done. The characters were diverse and each one was unique to the story. 5 stars from me.