Bean Box coffee subscription review


While on a streak of trying different subscription boxes, I came across this one. I have heard of Bean Box before and decided to give it a try. As you can see above it came in a small brown box that fit right into my mailbox. (peeled off my address label off the front). Bean box is a Seattle based coffee subscription. They source all their coffee from local roasters and ship it to you within a week of it being roasted. Mine was roasted on the 2nd and i got it by the 8th. So i do enjoy the fast shipping!

Upon opening the box I was greeted with a beautiful red tissue paper and below that were short glossy cards that explained about bean box and a small welcome greeting.


Next up were my packaged coffees to sample for my 1st month to get a feel for what I like and a really wonderful chocolate! Now the chocolate was amazing and would love more! ( I should note while this is a sample box to get a feel for what roasts you like, I’ve been a coffee drinker for a long time and already know what roasts I like. Which i’ll get into below.


In this picture above you will see the blends I got. It was nice that for the 1st month they send you an assortment of flavors and roasts! I liked the concept of the flavors being so unique and some staples. For brewing methods I tried these coffee various ways. I tried it: in a french press, espresso pot, and drip. I also tried it with and without added cream.


I arranged the coffees in order from lightest to darkest so you could see the beans and whether they had any oil to them or not.

Now to review the the coffee itself.


-a very simple coffee that is better black and as a drip coffee.

-smelled burned in package. once ground, smelled slightly better as some of the fruity overtones came out.

-brewed, the flavor was just okay. didn’t really get any flavor notes that it mentioned on the bag, honestly tasted like cheap Folgers.

—–2 out of 5 stars-



-liked this one better with a dash of cream and in a french press

-smelled very bitter and earthy in package, once ground, earthy scent was stronger.

-brewed, the flavor was not good at all black. had to add a dash of cream to make it bearable. did not get any notes at all that was mentioned on package

———-1 out of 5 stars——-



— french press was best method for brewing, recommend adding cream

–smelled kind of sweet and earthy in bag, once ground, you smelled almost a burnt sugary scent lingering to it

-brewed it was just sub-par, was very disappointed it did not have a  cherry flavor. I got a bitter chocolate undertone but was not what i expected it to be from what i read on the package.

——-2 out of 5 stars——-



—-moka express pot best brew method

smelled very, very bitter almost like a burning cigar in package, cigar like scent was stronger once ground

-brewed it and did it as an espresso shot and it was very strong. Not in a bad way though, but would recommend it for early morning jolt or in espresso based beverage. Kind of had a burnt molasses flavor to it.

—–2 out of 5 stars——


I would not recommend this box as i was disappointed in customer service not responding to my emails. All the coffee beans smelled and tasted charred. They did not taste freshly roasted in the least. I felt like the few dollars i spent for the 1st box was wasted as i tried it and gave away my bags to a friend who hated the coffees as well. The only highlights is that they have a good referral program and you get $1 (i think) for each time you review you coffee to be used towards your next box, and the small chocolate candy included was stellar!!


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