Holiday Magic by C. Guyer, V. Guyer book review



I’m a believer in all things magic, including the magic of a traditional family Christmas. I’m the current Welterweight MMA Champion, or at least I have the belt that says I am. I’m also a Cross-to-be and I’m heading into this holiday with a few tricks up my sleeve… er… cast. Ignore the cast — you should see the other guy.
I’m Laney Evans. I’m so ready to rumble.
I’m a wizard. From a family of wizards. Prank crazed wizards. And I’m engaged to the love of my life. The sweetest, most amazing, most non-prank crazed girl. I’ll do anything to keep her safe and sane around my family. I just hope I can manage to survive the Cross-Family Christmas myself.
I’m Max Cross. I so wasn’t prepared for this.


So adorable! I really loved this follow-up as you get see more of the mischievous side of Laney. I really loved being able to watch all the family dynamics over the holidays play out. This book is really a treasure to me! Watching the prank war ensue as Max thinks his “poor Laney” is safe from his families pranks is so funny! And its Laney who the master mind out of all of them! I want to see more in this mini series, so we can see all the fun pranks and hilarious but loving members of the Cross family. This little Christmas holiday edition was just what i’d expect to see unfold. I really enjoyed getting to see all sides of the family and get to know them better. I’d love to see the Easter/Aprils Fool’s day edition that was mentioned in it! This edition is a perfect light read! Trust me, as soon as you start it you won’t want to put it down! 5 stars from me!


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