Dawning Ascent (The Pearson Prophecy) by Jen L. Grey book review



Struggle and betrayal will lead to heartache but light can prevail.
Treated like a stranger in her own kingdom, Ariah has learned to live in the shadows. She catches the eye of her life long crush and an unlikely ally as she comes into her own powers. She struggles to find truth and trust along a dangerous journey. Only one thing is certain; nothing will ever be the same for
her again.
Enemies come to light and distrust spreads. She is no longer safe; will she make the right decision on who to trust? Will she be able to keep her growing powers hidden? Only time will tell in the dawning ascent.
This was a well written debut novel! I absolutely loved it! The characters were complex and the world building was fantastic. I really loved the plot to this and found it intriguing as it was so unique. Totally on Team Sam by the way…someone else has become Voldemort in my book and will forever be who shall not be mentioned…ever again….. (read the book to understand). I really did love the relationships in this book as it shows you what it’s like to love, be loved, have strong family bonds, finding yourself, and what it means to have loyal friends. The story does end on a cliffhanger, so prepare yourself for more to come. I am looking forward to the next installments as this was a one click read for me. It really reads as a seasoned author wrote it and not someone who put out this book as their debut. Also totally love the cover design! 5 stars from me!

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