365 Days of Inspirational Interludes by Angelica Wolf book review



All of us have something to share and learn from one another. Our different backgrounds, races, and beliefs can find common ground even in the smallest of ways. This collection of inspirational quotes is designed to help you find direction on your life’s journey.


I really enjoyed reading this book over my morning coffee! Its collection of daily inspirational quotes really gives you a good mindset for the day and something to think on throughout it! This book of inspirations covers multiple themes. A small list of these themes include: Military, Christianity, Children, and Healing to name a few. I really enjoyed that the author gives a few pages for notes at the end of each theme. It was nice that as you take in each day, you can jot down a few thoughts about them or how it made you feel at the end of the day. I feel like each person that reads this book can take away something different from it. I found myself thinking about my own struggles through life and how I should take a second look at them and see them in a new light. These daily inspirations truly uplift the soul and give you the perfect daily meditation. Fans of Chicken Soup for the Soul are sure to love this book! I really enjoyed every inspiration in this book and have tons of favorites tabbed throughout it! Definitely a 5 star read from me!!


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