MistoBox coffee subscription review


1st off I LOVE the box itself. A little smug but very funny! It was very eye grabby and made me excited to open my coffee box.


Upon opening the box, I was impressed to see the history behind my bag of coffee. It made for a delightful read as I was brewing my coffee. Also liked that it was a sticker placed on the inside of my box and wasn’t meant with tons of printed cards containing the information. Also thankful for the little bit of extra tissue so my coffee stayed safe and snug on its way to me.


The bag itself…… OKAY 1st off all coffee companies need to follow their example and tell you how its best brewed and at what water temperature. I LOVED this! Now, I already know a ton about coffee but this little extra feature on the bag was super nice to have and I think it’s benefit a lot of people.I chose to do my brew in my french press!

I included a small photo just so you could see the beans themselves. I liked that they were not oily and the beans themselves upon opening the bag was like smelling nirvana itself. I’m a huge fan of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and this was pretty close to that. You definitely get a strong hazelnut scent with a nice dark chocolate undertone. While the coffee was brewing, my whole house lit up with a nice nutty scent that made me a bit impatient as I was counting down the minuets to try this coffee.img_2972

And FINALLY my brew was ready. It TASTED even better than it smelled! This coffee definitely brought its A game and stood up well on its own without adding any creams or sugars. The coffee was not bitter and I could definitely tell it was roasted and shipped to me fresh. (i think it was less than a week of it roasting that it showed up in my mailbox..thank you speedy deliver). The coffee definitely knocked the hazelnut flavor out of the park. It was nice and rich, not too complex and had a smooth chocolate undertone to it. I was very, very impressed with this brand! Definite 5 out of 5 stars!

Also, let me just talk about their customer service……

5 out of 5 stars for that! Upon first coming to the site subscription area, they ask you a few basic questions to get a basic coffee taste profile going. (which really, really did help narrow down all the ones they carry). I also received an email from Connor at Mistobox welcoming me to Misto and thanking me for signing up. Also asking me for a tad more information such as how i brew at home, etc. Now I thought at first surely this was an auto generated email sent out but no it was actually Connor himself who was awesome about answering all my questions and really making sure I get the coffee that would be best suited for my taste buds. Once your profile is complete you can actually see on a tab called brew queue, what coffee they are sending you and you can change out what coffee they pick out for you if you’re not interested in that particular flavor or blend. When signing up you can pick to have your coffee shipped ever week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or 4  weeks. You can also pick between Basic or Deluxe.


(from site)

You love your daily caffeine kick and convenience is the name of your coffee game.


(from site)

You have discerning coffee taste and are looking to try some of the best coffee out there.


I chose basic every 4 weeks. It came out to around $16.95 including shipping! (a really good deal imo)

Overall I give the subscription 5 out 5 stars!

To sign up you can go to the site below..as soon as my referral link starts working ill update






Bean Box coffee subscription review


While on a streak of trying different subscription boxes, I came across this one. I have heard of Bean Box before and decided to give it a try. As you can see above it came in a small brown box that fit right into my mailbox. (peeled off my address label off the front). Bean box is a Seattle based coffee subscription. They source all their coffee from local roasters and ship it to you within a week of it being roasted. Mine was roasted on the 2nd and i got it by the 8th. So i do enjoy the fast shipping!

Upon opening the box I was greeted with a beautiful red tissue paper and below that were short glossy cards that explained about bean box and a small welcome greeting.


Next up were my packaged coffees to sample for my 1st month to get a feel for what I like and a really wonderful chocolate! Now the chocolate was amazing and would love more! ( I should note while this is a sample box to get a feel for what roasts you like, I’ve been a coffee drinker for a long time and already know what roasts I like. Which i’ll get into below.


In this picture above you will see the blends I got. It was nice that for the 1st month they send you an assortment of flavors and roasts! I liked the concept of the flavors being so unique and some staples. For brewing methods I tried these coffee various ways. I tried it: in a french press, espresso pot, and drip. I also tried it with and without added cream.


I arranged the coffees in order from lightest to darkest so you could see the beans and whether they had any oil to them or not.

Now to review the the coffee itself.


-a very simple coffee that is better black and as a drip coffee.

-smelled burned in package. once ground, smelled slightly better as some of the fruity overtones came out.

-brewed, the flavor was just okay. didn’t really get any flavor notes that it mentioned on the bag, honestly tasted like cheap Folgers.

—–2 out of 5 stars-



-liked this one better with a dash of cream and in a french press

-smelled very bitter and earthy in package, once ground, earthy scent was stronger.

-brewed, the flavor was not good at all black. had to add a dash of cream to make it bearable. did not get any notes at all that was mentioned on package

———-1 out of 5 stars——-



— french press was best method for brewing, recommend adding cream

–smelled kind of sweet and earthy in bag, once ground, you smelled almost a burnt sugary scent lingering to it

-brewed it was just sub-par, was very disappointed it did not have a  cherry flavor. I got a bitter chocolate undertone but was not what i expected it to be from what i read on the package.

——-2 out of 5 stars——-



—-moka express pot best brew method

smelled very, very bitter almost like a burning cigar in package, cigar like scent was stronger once ground

-brewed it and did it as an espresso shot and it was very strong. Not in a bad way though, but would recommend it for early morning jolt or in espresso based beverage. Kind of had a burnt molasses flavor to it.

—–2 out of 5 stars——


I would not recommend this box as i was disappointed in customer service not responding to my emails. All the coffee beans smelled and tasted charred. They did not taste freshly roasted in the least. I felt like the few dollars i spent for the 1st box was wasted as i tried it and gave away my bags to a friend who hated the coffees as well. The only highlights is that they have a good referral program and you get $1 (i think) for each time you review you coffee to be used towards your next box, and the small chocolate candy included was stellar!!

Dawning Ascent (The Pearson Prophecy) by Jen L. Grey book review



Struggle and betrayal will lead to heartache but light can prevail.
Treated like a stranger in her own kingdom, Ariah has learned to live in the shadows. She catches the eye of her life long crush and an unlikely ally as she comes into her own powers. She struggles to find truth and trust along a dangerous journey. Only one thing is certain; nothing will ever be the same for
her again.
Enemies come to light and distrust spreads. She is no longer safe; will she make the right decision on who to trust? Will she be able to keep her growing powers hidden? Only time will tell in the dawning ascent.
This was a well written debut novel! I absolutely loved it! The characters were complex and the world building was fantastic. I really loved the plot to this and found it intriguing as it was so unique. Totally on Team Sam by the way…someone else has become Voldemort in my book and will forever be who shall not be mentioned…ever again….. (read the book to understand). I really did love the relationships in this book as it shows you what it’s like to love, be loved, have strong family bonds, finding yourself, and what it means to have loyal friends. The story does end on a cliffhanger, so prepare yourself for more to come. I am looking forward to the next installments as this was a one click read for me. It really reads as a seasoned author wrote it and not someone who put out this book as their debut. Also totally love the cover design! 5 stars from me!

Holiday Magic by C. Guyer, V. Guyer book review



I’m a believer in all things magic, including the magic of a traditional family Christmas. I’m the current Welterweight MMA Champion, or at least I have the belt that says I am. I’m also a Cross-to-be and I’m heading into this holiday with a few tricks up my sleeve… er… cast. Ignore the cast — you should see the other guy.
I’m Laney Evans. I’m so ready to rumble.
I’m a wizard. From a family of wizards. Prank crazed wizards. And I’m engaged to the love of my life. The sweetest, most amazing, most non-prank crazed girl. I’ll do anything to keep her safe and sane around my family. I just hope I can manage to survive the Cross-Family Christmas myself.
I’m Max Cross. I so wasn’t prepared for this.


So adorable! I really loved this follow-up as you get see more of the mischievous side of Laney. I really loved being able to watch all the family dynamics over the holidays play out. This book is really a treasure to me! Watching the prank war ensue as Max thinks his “poor Laney” is safe from his families pranks is so funny! And its Laney who the master mind out of all of them! I want to see more in this mini series, so we can see all the fun pranks and hilarious but loving members of the Cross family. This little Christmas holiday edition was just what i’d expect to see unfold. I really enjoyed getting to see all sides of the family and get to know them better. I’d love to see the Easter/Aprils Fool’s day edition that was mentioned in it! This edition is a perfect light read! Trust me, as soon as you start it you won’t want to put it down! 5 stars from me!

Cross the Hall Magic (Believers #1) by C. Guyer, V. Guyer book review



Magic is all around. You just have to believe.
Do you believe?
“Life is too short to be cynical. So smile, dare to believe and leave the door open for Magic.”
I live by those words. I’ve searched the world for answers to questions that only seem to lead to more questions. Imagine my surprise when I discover Magic right across the hall..wearing nothing but an apron and a smile….
I’m Laney Evans, and I believe in Magic.
“The secret ingredient is always Magic”
I’ve lived my whole life with Magic surrounded by a wacky, prank crazed, magical family. I thought I had the recipe for happiness all spelled out until I caught sight of Laney Evans, and now I know that the best is yet to come!
I’m Max Cross, and I believe in love at first sight. (I’m not a creeper, damn it)


Okay so i’m officially over the moon for this book. It has catchy chapter titles, references a love of books, Harry Potter and Supernatural!!!!! Told in alternating pov’s of Laney and Max you will see each scene play out differently from their respective views. I really loved how in depth it was and to read their inner monologue! They are so cute together and how they both are a little dorky is just perfect. This swoon worthy read was a one click for me and the second i opened it, i did not put it down! This book was full of so many heart gushy moments, and i loved every one of them. While I did see the ending coming, I just want to point out how much i loved the 2nd author of this book included their own version of the ending… I loved both of them! Although now i’m left to wonder what did happen to her lost package? (read the book to understand). This book has now heartily ranked to my #1 spot of this year so far. I really, really need a signed copy to put on my display shelf… (yes, i have one that is just as dear and precious to me as Laney, lol). I connected to this book and to Laney on so many levels. Nothing in this book and her relationship with Max felt forced or hurried. It all flowed flawlessly and the writing was beautiful! I really, really can’t wait to read whats next! Definite 5 stars from me.. (I’d give it a million if possible)

365 Days of Inspirational Interludes by Angelica Wolf book review



All of us have something to share and learn from one another. Our different backgrounds, races, and beliefs can find common ground even in the smallest of ways. This collection of inspirational quotes is designed to help you find direction on your life’s journey.


I really enjoyed reading this book over my morning coffee! Its collection of daily inspirational quotes really gives you a good mindset for the day and something to think on throughout it! This book of inspirations covers multiple themes. A small list of these themes include: Military, Christianity, Children, and Healing to name a few. I really enjoyed that the author gives a few pages for notes at the end of each theme. It was nice that as you take in each day, you can jot down a few thoughts about them or how it made you feel at the end of the day. I feel like each person that reads this book can take away something different from it. I found myself thinking about my own struggles through life and how I should take a second look at them and see them in a new light. These daily inspirations truly uplift the soul and give you the perfect daily meditation. Fans of Chicken Soup for the Soul are sure to love this book! I really enjoyed every inspiration in this book and have tons of favorites tabbed throughout it! Definitely a 5 star read from me!!

The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor book review

chalk man


In 1986, Eddie and his friends are just kids on the verge of adolescence. They spend their days biking around their sleepy English village and looking for any taste of excitement they can get. The chalk men are their secret code: little chalk stick figures they leave for one another as messages only they can understand. But then a mysterious chalk man leads them right to a dismembered body, and nothing is ever the same.

In 2016, Eddie is fully grown and thinks he’s put his past behind him, but then he gets a letter in the mail containing a single chalk stick figure. When it turns out that his friends got the same message, they think it could be a prank–until one of them turns up dead. That’s when Eddie realizes that saving himself means finally figuring out what really happened all those years ago.


WOW!!! This is one of the best books I have read so far this year in its genre! After reading reviews of this book, I decided to go ahead and give it a try as most things I heard or read about the book were very positive. I was slightly hesitant to give it a whirl as I was nervous that it had been over-hyped and I would already know too much about the book. Well I was wrong… I vastly enjoyed it. There were so many twists and turns and the ending, I did not see coming. I was fairly sure I had it figured out and while I was kind of right, there was more too it than what I thought. I found the writing to be amazing and complex. I believe this is a debut book by this author, and if it is… it reads like someone whom has written for a long time. I would definitely give this book 5 stars.