Perfect Imperfections (Moments Series, #1) by J. Wells book review



At the age of 27, Natasha is just a few months away from marrying her long-term boyfriend, Josh. Suddenly, he is called out of the country to take over the running of his father’s business. While he’s away, Natasha arranges a surprise wedding present for him – a portrait of herself. The handsome artist who agrees to paint the portrait is Gabriel Owens, a gifted painter who is partially sighted. He is sarcastic and brash, and Natasha finds herself always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. It turns out that Josh isn’t the perfect fiancé that Natasha believed him to be and she is left reeling, her life in free fall. Does Gabriel have the tenacity and inner strength to pick up the pieces when he himself has so many insecurities and his own life is far from perfect?


I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Forewarning though, this book is written in British English (which I enjoy), to new readers it may take a little bit to get use to. The book starts off a little slow but for good reason. The author gets you acquainted with the characters and who they are as people. You get to see inside Natasha’s life and what makes her tick so to speak. Natasha has a lot going on in her life. From a nagging, whiny sister to a meddling mother, mixed in with a d-bag fiance, life is complicated. Natasha goes to do a portrait sitting for a wedding present for her husband. When she meets the artist Gabriel hitting it off is anything but. The two don’t really get along, until later. It was fun to watch their relationship unfold and circumnavigate through the choppy waters of complications that exist in both their lives. I was left shell shocked when I saw what kind of person Josh turned out to be. Then when that bomb of what happens to Natasha is dropped I was left reeling. The writing while different, is terrific. I cant wait to see book two as i’m told it will be in alternating persons and I’d love to see Gabriel’s side of things. The story builds slowly on itself and quickly picks p sped to where you can not put this book down. The character progression is wonderful to see and the overall plot is top notch. Plus i love that book cover. 4 stars from me!


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