Frost on my Pillow (The Fire Bringer Series #1) by Leah Hamrick book review



One girl, one voice, one necklace with the power to change the universe if fallen into the wrong hands…

One love that’s sure to show in the stars…

One boy who will do anything to protect her, even if that means laying down his own life to keep the demons from her…

One Fire, one Ice.


This story is wonderful! Most of the time young love triangles and dystopian type novels get over-hyped or tends to all be the same. This one however is not. I really rather quite enjoyed it. This book was a fun, new read for me. I feel that this book is great for an audience who enjoys reading about self discovery and finding out your true power within. There was such well written character development and the story flowed smoothly. This book was a great page turner and kept me hanging on the whole way through. Lyla was a great character and I felt she had tons of depth ad developed well throughout the novel. Ethan was a wonderful person and was very protective and i admired him for that. Rylan was fun to read, i mean seriously, i really enjoyed reading him. He was very refreshing. 5 stars from me!


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