Counting On You by J.C. Reed book review


I have everything I want. Success. Wealth. Women…and make that plenty of those. As a filthy-rich CEO, I would say I’m pretty much close to perfection. Except for that one weakness: I’m cocky as hell, and an irresistible magnet for women.

So when one tiny mistake lands me in hot waters with the investors, I have one hell of a choice to make:
Restore my reputation…
Or risk losing my company.

I’m a man of my word and failure is not an option. Not now. Not ever. I fully intend to uphold my responsibilities.

Sharing an apartment should be easy, right? And it’s only for six weeks.
That’s what I thought before I found out that my new roommate is female.
And wow.
Vicky Sullivan is unlike any woman I’ve ever met.
She’s hot as sin, and crazy.
Definitely not my kind of crazy, but too hot to pass up.
There’s something about her that makes me rage with want.
I don’t like her, but obviously my dick does. And what he wants, he gets.

Six weeks…
Living together shouldn’t be too hard…
Until my best friend challenges me to a bet…
I make it my mission to make her mine.

There’s only one problem.
I have to break…Every. Single. Rule.
And did I mention she’s completely off-limits?

It’s too late to say no.





This First Person-Dual novel was wonderful! It is a fun, short, contemporary, stand-alone read. I loved both views in this novel. Kade and Vicky’s story was wonderful. I loved the small inserts in between where Vicky is writing open letters to Jane Austen! (This was probably actually some of my favorite parts as I’m a die hard Jane Austen fan) Vicky is funny, charming, but needs to see herself more as Kade sees her for the strong, and beautiful woman she is! I originally thought I had this story figured out but I was wrong. There are lots of little surprises along the way. I saw so much personal growth behind=d each character. The past that unravels showing their scars and what made them into the person they are/were and why/ how it landed them in the rehab facility. I got one hell of a curve ball thrown at me towards the end and was panicked reading to find out what would happen to a certain someone’s health. (thanks for tat mini stroke J.C lol) Overall I loved this book for its writing and its many felt emotions. I loved both characters and were rooting for them the whole way! 5 stars from me for this enticing read.


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