Life Would Suck Without You: A Girlfriend Memoir by Jennifer Preuss book review

life would


When life makes no sense, and the world is going straight to hell, a girl knows she can always count on her best friends…


This debut novel from Jennifer Preuss, is a wonderful and enticing read. I was grabbed from page one! The realness of the story is gripping and her memoir shows us life for what it is. Unpredictable. It is a roller coaster of a journey. Its full of ups and downs. It is both happy and sad. It is upbeat and heartbreaking. It shows us how some bonds tighten through life, and that a girl can rely on her best friends. Some of the opening lines had me smiling as i realized the truths in them. “If I could go back to my 20’s, I would never wear a bra.” -Amen to that statement. Seriously this book is full of so many gems of truths. I loved taking an inner look at this memoir.I read it in one sitting and could not tear myself away. I had moments of despair reading this only to be followed with a belly shaking laugh. This should be on every woman’s bookshelf as each of us can find a piece of ourselves in her writing. A million star read! Thank you Kate Tiltons Blog and to Jennifer for sending me this gem of a book in exchange for my honest review!


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