My Fiancé’s Brother (The Guilty Series Book 1) by Odette Stone book review



Jackson was off limits. He was the mysterious stranger that my fiancé had invited to live with us only three months before our wedding. From the moment I tried to (accidentally) kill him, I knew I was in big trouble. Just because his very presence aroused terrifying emotions within me, did not mean anything. I was engaged to get married. I was well on my way to being a happy wife and living a happy life. Did I think that things would get out of hand? Absolutely not. It was just a little crush. Anyone would crush on that man. It was my own little secret that I kept hidden from everyone. A harmless little crush never hurt anyone….right?


OH MY GATSBY!!!!! Odette you have my heart and i need it back now! This book has stolen my breath and now I am a puddle of mess. I am sure to be beaten down now by the dreaded book hangover.


I am now battling all these symptoms as shown in the picture. I know you have plans for book 2 but I need book 2 from the moment I finished the last word of book 1. Guys, this book is phenomenal! Odette’s writing is mesmerizing, playful, energetic, fluid, and all around just wonderful. I loved the charters, (well some was a love-hate relationship-well written characters but i think they deserve a swift kick in the balls or punch to the face). Jackson is so wonderful, and every girls dream man. He has a tough exterior but deep down is so fiercely loyal and protective. (aside from the bombshell ending i get dropped on me). So, thanks for that Odette, lol. Emily is so sweet and I just instantly adored her and wanted to reach out and hug her through all the sh** she goes through. This girl may come off initially meek and timid but really learns to stand for herself and it was wonderful to watch her grow. Julie and Matt just ugh i cant say without giving spoilers but they aren’t my two favorite people at all. They were flawlessly written though. These characters just made my feelings go crazy and it was a whiplash of everything you could feel all at once.

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This story is captivating. From page one I got pulled in and didn’t set it down till i had read every last word. I mean seriously captivated guys. Every scene was beautifully detailed to where you felt like it was a movie playing out before you. The whole story was perfect! I was able to pick up on one or two subtle hints but jeepers that ending shell shocked me.

While I read an e-copy of this book I know I will be buying a physical copy of it! Seriously that good of a book. I need to hold it in my hands and caress it.


So a million infinite stars from me!


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