Dark Road Home by Angela Bennett book review



Victor Simone, head of a hit man organization, murdered Belle McBain’s corrupt father. Following in her dad’s career footsteps, Belle becomes an attorney, but she can’t seem to move beyond the whispers of her crooked father’s corruption or his failures to his family. Instead of building a career in law, she escapes to a life of drugs and lives off her trust fund. Unable to cope, Belle attempts suicide and is soon admitted into a rehab clinic where she tries to heal. However, her wounds run deep, so the healing takes time. Once released and three years sober, Belle begins a new life as a private investigator in Jersey City with the help of a friend in law enforcement. Sixteen years have passed … until everything changes. One of Victor Simone’s cronies is in FBI custody and makes a deal. He says he’ll tell where the fugitive Simone is hiding if Belle agrees to meet with him. When she does, she begins to wonder if her father was ever a dirty attorney at all. As she searches for answers, Belle discovers more than she bargained for, including something more unbelievable than she could have imagined.


Told in different pov’s, this story will keep you white knuckled as you grip every page. This story had my heart racing as I was thrown curve ball after curve ball of surprises. The writing blew me away at how original it was and how the scene was painted out before you. Bennet kicks butt with this gritty crime novel and packs a punch of a story. Belle’s character had my heart wrenching and yearning to reach through the pages and hug her for how much she goes through. She is such a strong character. The supporting cast that Bennet writes was well developed and helped to motivate the story line. Each character brought something different to the table and made the story just that much better. I thoroughly enjoyed how each scene was so descriptive, I felt like I could actually be there. I believe this is a debut novel by Bennet, and I am eagerly awaiting book 2. 5 stars from me. I received this book in exchange for my honest review from The author and Kate Tilton.


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