The Sins of Soldiers (Lost Intensities #1) by S.J. Hardman Lea book review



“All I needed to do was tick off the list of the old sins – lust, greed, anger, laziness, gluttony, and pride. At least three of those were going to cause trouble. And then, of course, there was the seventh, the most destructive of them all. Envy.
We’d come to that one before the end.”

It is 1916 and the war in France is hot and about to get hotter. Embedded undercover in a British infantry regiment on the Western Front, Anson Scott – an American newspaperman – watches, waits and writes his articles in secret, sending them out uncensored for his readers in the USA. But life in the trenches is far from what he had first expected. While the soldiers are raring to fight, the commanding officer is antiquated and the officers themselves are divided into factions. Only Scott’s friend, the elegant, dandified David Alexander is impervious to the murderous rages of the Company Captain Tollman, a monstrous man who victimizes anyone who dares oppose him. And when the battalion is on leave away from the front, there is Beatrice Tempest – the most beautiful woman Scott has ever laid eyes on, but who is engaged to Alexander. As the regiment readies itself for battle, Scott is in ever greater danger. If his real occupation is discovered, he will be shot as a spy. If he antagonizes Tollman, he risks his own life. If he allows himself to become close to Beatrice, he will lose his one great friend. But then there is also David Alexander himself, who is pursuing his own highly dangerous obsession. Soon the opposing forces of love and hate are every bit as dangerous as the enemy gunfire, and the great battle on the Somme grows ever closer. Finally, the intensities of hope and fear cannot be evaded…


This book was a fascinating read! I have only read one or two other books set during a WWI back drop but this one so far is my favorite of the three. The author pays attention to the lives of the soldiers and gives us an inside look to the romances, the thoughts and feelings of the men. Most books of this kind has more attention to the detail being on the war element. In many other books you don’t get to have a relationship with the soldier himself as it focuses more on the killing and the trenches. This book however brings a new freshness to these types of novels and is written in an elegant style. Sins of Soldiers was a great page turner and I found the characters easy to connect with. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the raw emotions and the thoughts behind the men in this book. You see boys become men and men who still are boys. This book makes you feel so much angst, hope, despair, and worry while being on the biggest adventure of your life. S.J. writes well and tells an amazing story that you can not walk away from. The writing was fantastic and descriptive without being over the top. This is my first book by S.J. and hopefully will not be my last. I urge others to read this book as it stands out to other similar backdrops and it rises up and shines out. This book gets 5 stars from me for its originality, captivating story and beautiful writing. While I received this book in exchange for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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