Interview with Heather Sunseri, author of Exposed In Darkness


Welcome all.

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Heather Sunseri, author of Exposed in Darkness.

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Hi Heather thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Thank you so much, Laura! I am thrilled to be here.

     1. So, tell us a little about you first.

I’m a recovering CPA who began writing novels in order to escape the mundane life as a muggle. After twenty years in the corporate world, I decided to use my business savvy and curious mind to start a publishing business anchored by fictional stories. I’m proof that one can be a numbers person and a creative… And that it’s never too late (or too early) to get a do over. I’m married to the love of my life—that I met in the infield of the Kentucky Derby, I’m the mom to two amazing kids, and the caregiver to the best golden retriever and one very, needy cat. When I’m not writing, I’m making homemade pizza and drinking Kentucky bourbon (though I sometimes mix it up with coffee or red wine).

2. How were you in school, were you good in English?

Nope! Hated English. Read Cliff’s Notes (Do these even exist any more?) all the time instead of reading the classics. **Hangs head in shame.**  Pretty sure the only classic I read from start to finish was The Great Gatsby. I liked that one. I was brilliant in math, though. In my own mind, anyway. I went off to college and got myself an accounting degree.

It makes absolutely no sense that I’m a writer, but I’m in love with it!

3. What are some goals for your writing career?

I try to focus on goals I can control, and there are so many outcomes of the writing life that the writer has no control over. I’d say my main mission with my writing is to stay passionate about creating stories, write the best stories I’m capable of writing, get them well-edited, and package them as pretty as I can.

Beyond that, I enjoy interacting with readers and hearing their reactions to the stories I’ve created.

 4. How much research did you do for your book?

For Exposed in Darkness, I did quite a bit of research about the state-run offices of Homeland Security, fusion centers, methods of releasing a biological weapon into the air and just how deadly it could be, domestic terrorism, how Kentucky bourbon is distilled, and many issues related to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  And many other things, I’m forgetting right now.

  5. What made you decide to write this type of book?

Because I once wanted to become an FBI agent. J And with all of the issues affecting Homeland Security and how many homegrown terrorists are affecting and infecting our everyday lives, I began dreaming up “what if” scenarios.

    6. Did you write every day?

Nope. I write every day that I can, but with two very active children and a writing career that requires me to be IT, accountant, marketing director, office custodian, receptionist, web designer, I sometimes take days to do all the other stuff.

    7. Have you ever wanted to get your book turned into a t.v show/movie?

I was approached by a couple of television producers a couple of years ago. They wanted to get the Mindspeak series onto TV. I was flattered, asked them to give it their best shot, but sadly, nothing ever came of it. It’s not a goal of mine, because it’s not something I actually have any control over, but I would love, LOVE, LOVE seeing one of my books or series on the screen.

   8. What was the hardest thing about writing this series?

Making sure everyone knew it was coming out and that they were going to love it! Again, I only have control over so much.

  9. What was the easiest?

Loving it! It’s the best I’ve ever written!

   10. Can we expect more books like this or some anthologies?

Exposed in Darkness is the first in the series. The second in the series – Cut in Darkness – is already up for preorder and is currently with the editor. There will be at least two more stories in this series, but maybe much, much more. The protagonist and her love interest are extremely strong characters with huge backstories. It will take several books to get all of the backstory out into the open.

  11. Did you do your own cover artwork or did you find an artist?

The lovely Jessica Bell designed my covers. Love her and the work she does!

12. Do you edit your own books or do you have an editor?

Oh dear, I can’t imagine publishing without first having at least one editor take a good, long look at what I’ve written. My editor is part of my long-term team. Nothing gets published without going through him first.

13.Have you ever thought of having a street team (people who help get your book out                   and send out promotional stuff)?

I have a Facebook group where fans can be more involved with me and my work.

14. If you have one already, where can fans sign up?

Fans must first sign up for my newsletter. In one of my welcome letters, I invite fans to become part of my Facebook team. You can sign up at

     15. Do you read a lot?

As much as I can. I actually prefer audio books these days because it gives my eyes a rest from so much screen time.

16. What books are you reading at the moment?

I’m in the middle of Robert Dugoni’s Tracy Crosswhite series. I fell in love with this audio series so much that I worked hard to get the same narrator – Emily Sutton Smith – to read the In Darkness series. So, if you like audio books check out Exposed on audio. All the links are also on my website.  

    17.What is the best way readers can find out more about you and your work?

At my website, for sure! – I have links for everything. I also enjoy blogging from time to time. Readers can interact with me on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and Instagram. I love me some Instagram.

     18. Would you like to add anything I haven’t asked?

Thank you so much, for having me on your little space of the internet!! I hope your readers will give Exposed in Darkness a try and come find me in all the places I talk about above. I love hearing from readers. Hearing from readers makes this job so much fun!



Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview. Well that’s it folks. Thank you everyone for taking time to read this interview, and thanks to Heather for being a part of this.

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To find out more about Heather and her works you can click here.




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