The Pack by L.D. Houghton book review



‘When you’re in hell, only demons can save you…’

For a thousand suns humanity has lived on this world, a world of advanced knowledge and medieval ways, a world whose history has been lost in a fog of tales and fragments of ancient learning. Upon this planet a young man is betrayed and sold by those he called family. Lost and alone, he discovers a weapon more powerful than anything he could imagine. Now, holding the power to level entire cities, he may be the last hope for a humanity on the edge of extinction. But the howl of the pack has changed, and what was once a sound of comfort and protection brings only terror as it echoes across the mountains. When high technology meets low society, when the natural clashes with the artificial, when the very world itself seems bent on eradicating humankind, those caught in the middle must choose, though every choice brings with it its own loss. A choice between humanity, and the pack.


OH MY GOSH! This book wow! Just Wow! I loved this book so much! This author is truly talented an knows how to write. This book was definitely different. It was nice to read something so new and refreshing. This story was so vastly interesting. A true page turner! I’m glad i was able to receive an ecopy of this in exchange for my honest review!


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