The Beyonce Effect: Essays on Sexuality, Race and Feminism by Adrienne Trier-Bieniek book review



Since her late-1990s debut as a member of the R&B trio Destiny’s Child, Beyonce Knowles has garnered both praise and criticism. While some consider her an icon of female empowerment, others see her as detrimental to feminism and representing a negative image of women of color. Her music has a decidedly pop aesthetic, yet her power-house vocals and lyrics focused on issues like feminine independence, healthy sexuality and post-partum depression give her songs dimension and substance beyond typical pop fare.
This collection of new essays presents a detailed study of the music and persona of Beyonce–arguably the world’s biggest pop star. Topics include the body politics of respectability; feminism, empowerment and gender in Beyonce’s lyrics; black female pleasure; and the changing face of celebrity motherhood.


I found this book to give an interesting look into such a popular cultural icon. This book was well researched and provided an interesting insight into Beyonce and her life. The collection of essays provided were an interesting read. Truly worth a read but i found myself having to re read certain parts as the information started to feel like it was a regurgitation. 3 stars from me.


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