The Defence of Troia (The Paladin Chronicles #2) by Neil Port book review



The Makedóne army under Parmenion has crossed the Bósporos and is carving its way through the Greek maritime cities of Bithynia with ridiculous ease.
The Greek city of Troia is now an ally of Aiolía but has been seriously weakened after losing the last war. Of the cities of Anatole that line the entrance to the Black Sea, Troia is the great prize and now it stands in desperate peril. Philippos the Makedóne king plans to increase his army several fold and when he does he will overcome all possible resistance.
The Athenai navy is likely to attack before that.
Hakeem, his wife the elf queen Elana, and their adopted daughter Jacinta ride in haste to join the city as it prepares for a siege.
But the large armies headed to Troia are not the only danger for the pitiful few defenders. as something seems to go wrong with the preparations the mood of the city turns dangerous. if the populous revolts, the small city garrison will be unable to maintain order and all will be lost.
Also while the elves have most of their magic, pitted against them are those whose dark powers are undiminished.
Elana begins to get premonitions that a great catastrophe is approaching the beleaguered city.
If they can survive the coming siege, Elana and Jacinta then must resume the search for the lost items of elvish magic, but how can they find artefacts lost a thousand years before the destruction of elvish Troia? The Defence of Troia, book 2 of the Paladin Chronicles continues the story of the struggle to save the elves and their human allies.


I was very intrigued by this book. This is the first novel by Neil Port that I have read and I found myself vastly immersed in his writing style. While being the second book in the series, I found it easy enough to follow and was not a loss in the story. The first chapter summarizes enough of book one to understand what is going on. I quickly became more and more enveloped in this story and could not wait to finish it and get my hands on book three. Neil’s writing story is rich and thoughtful in details as you are brought into this one of a kind story. Such intriguing scenarios fill the pages as your imagination fills up on each and every word. Neil gives room for your mind to take over and see the story for yourself but offers plenty on page to lead you along. Such emotion went into this beautifully crafted story and you are taken on an unbelievable adventure. I recommend this novel as a 5 star read. Such a unique and vivid concept! I would recommend to read book one first all though it is not necessary. Thank you Neil for being gracious enough to let me read your novel in exchange for my honest review. 5 stars from me!


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