Far Afield: Rare Food Encounters from Around the World book review


The Synopsis

A vividly photographed culinary travel book featuring profiles of the stewards of the world’s traditional foodways–farming, hunting, foraging, and fishing–along with 40 recipes.

Journalist Shane Mitchell and photographer James Fisher have traveled the world on assignment for publications such as Travel + Leisure and Saveur. Along the way, they have encountered fascinating people who are rooted in their culture and landscape, keeping their food traditions vital, such as taro farmers in Hawaii who have never left the islands, fisherman on the Swahili coast, and Icelandic shepherds who still use the techniques of their Viking ancestors. Full of vibrant photography from far-flung locations all over the globe, Far Afield profiles these people, sharing their unique and captivating stories and recipes.

The Review

From the cover of this book, you can already tell its going to be beautiful. This rather large book brings with it a beautiful imagery as you step into a new world. You are immersed with beautiful photography and are immediately surrounded by stories from other countries. This beautiful book sits on my coffee table and immediately grabs guests attention as they pick it up to revel in its sheer beauty. The recipes within these pages are fun and found them easy enough to follow. Not only does the reader get a taste of the food but another country as well. Its rich and vivid photographs also bring with it a cultural story and pulls you into the home and life of the people found within the pages. I can not say enough how truly beautiful this book is. It is meant to be left open so all can be pulled in by its rich beauty! The pictures are breath taking! Thank you BFB’s for sending me this in exchange for my honest review!


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