Dark Dreams and Dead Things



This is book two in the Dead Things series. Let me tell ya what, this book is even better than book one!!!! In this sequel we follow the original band of characters plus some new ones. Martina McAtee keeps the same POV’s from book one plus a new one.


In book one we’ve learned that Ember, Kai and Tristin are part of a supernatural trinity. This time they must stand up to the Legionares and try to bring back Mace. They are faced with zombie cheerleaders, demons, a lizard king, and all while being watched by The Grove. Secrets are getting bigger and tensions between are trio are rising. Can our heroes win or will all be lost including each other? Read book two to find out.

Soooooo, yet again Martina out shines herself in this book. Normally sequels are lost to me. Most of them i never like as much as the first, but this? This is even better than book one. There is so many characters I love and so many i love/hated. (i.e I still think Tristin is a bitch and i want to slap her but i still love her and Silas is…well i’m captivated by him in a weird Stockholm Syndrome kind of way, or perhaps that’s just because he is reminiscent of Jareth the Goblin King.) Anyways…. The characters grow more on you and see lots of development for them. The writing is beautiful and you find yourself immersed in this supernatural, fantastical world. Scenes are even more descriptive than book one and you feel like you could be there and that these people you could actually know. Martina writes the hell out of some romance scenes too, that will have rooting for our lovers. She also throws in some nail biting, edge of your seat scenes that will have you staying up late, turning the page to know what happens next. All of it comes winding down to an amazing conclusion that will have you dying for book 3, just so you know what happens next. I loved the extras she threw in, as well as showing us the past of how some characters came to be who they are, and why they are what they are. I hope this continues in the next book. I also loved the added character description in the beginning! This book definitely gets like 100000000 stars. Thank you for my favorite series Martina and I cant wait to see what else you have in store for my favorite little band of misfits!!!!

You can buy this book:

Amazon (free for KU)

also if you would like to see more about this book you can go to GoodReads and to see about book one you can go to GoodReads1


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