Gilded Cage by Vic James book review



Our world belongs to the Equals — aristocrats with magical gifts — and all commoners must serve them for ten years. But behind the gates of England’s grandest estate lies a power that could break the world.

A girl thirsts for love and knowledge.

Abi is a servant to England’s most powerful family, but her spirit is free. So when she falls for one of the noble-born sons, Abi faces a terrible choice. Uncovering the family’s secrets might win her liberty, but will her heart pay the price?

A boy dreams of revolution.

Abi’s brother, Luke, is enslaved in a brutal factory town. Far from his family and cruelly oppressed, he makes friends whose ideals could cost him everything. Now Luke has discovered there may be a power even greater than magic: revolution.

And an aristocrat will remake the world with his dark gifts.

He is a shadow in the glittering world of the Equals, with mysterious powers no one else understands. But will he liberate—or destroy?



This book has ruined me for other books for quite a while. I am in loads of misery after reading this book because it is perhaps by far, my favorite of this year.  It is set in an alternate present-day England, where a magical aristocracy enslaves commoners for 10 years. This book truly throws out all the punches when it comes to complex characters. We have two main protagonists who are lovable and goodhearted. Then we see dark, sinister, cruel characters with dark powers. These dark sinister characters have the ability to mess with your mind, free will and even your memories. Complicated, corrupt and fascinating, this book punches you right in the gut. These characters are richly developed. This novel covers it all. From every gut wrenching moment, to every conflict and obstacle the characters suffer. This book follows 3 different and very unique in its own sense POV’s. Each pov of view change is clear and concise and easy to follow. The changes were fluid, and flowed from one character to another with ease. The story was utter brilliance! So many surprising turns and ideas revealed throughout the whole story. This book, just wow, i can’t stop gushing about how good it is. 5 stars from me. Thanks netgalley for sending me this book in exchange for my review.

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