Safe Child Africa and their cry for help


Okay everybody so i’d like to pause my book blogging for a moment to shine a spotlight on a very special cause. It is known as Safe Child Africa. To fully understand what this organization does, i feel it is necessary that you know the “why” first.

In Nigeria, children, toddlers, and infants are sometimes accused of witchcraft. The reasons behind them being accused can be as follows: misfortune in a family, a relative’s death, a breakdown of marriage, and/or any other misfortune that can stroke a family. It is believed that the child has become possessed by a demon and has been sent to wreak havoc on the family. Pastors will then charge large amounts of money to the family to exorcise the child. Children will also be banished by the community and sent to live on the streets and it is forbidden that the anyone have communication with the child or help the child in any way. (i.e. by giving them food or water, etc.) Most often these children end up abused and tortured. Research shows that 80% of the children accused will be abandoned by their parents or will runaway.


What Safe Child Africa does is to go in and help get the children off the street by giving them a shelter, medical treatment, food, and protection. They help to offer Safe Child Emergency Centre, which is a safe place for them to seek shelter. They also help to provide legal services and counseling for the children. This Halloween Safe Child Africa needs as much help as possible. For as little as 5 pounds (6.05 USD) you can fund one night for  a child. You can also set up a direct deposit to donate monthly. So please i’m urging everyone to support this worthy cause. Safe Child Emergency Centre needs our help. So give up Starbucks for one day, or drive-thru for one day, some trick or treat candy, and spend the money where it is needed most. You can donate by clicking






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