Pain by Amanda Mackey book review


The Plot

Lillian Harris works at The Sanctuary- an oasis for rescued lions, tigers, and elephants. She is utterly happy in her world, until she is told that 19 year old fresh out of prison and being sent there as part of a rehabilitation program. Justice Armstrong is dark and arrogant. He enjoys pain. And when Lillian challenges him everyday due to her fiery temper, he finds himself wanting to do wicked things to her. Meanwhile Lillian finds herself falling for Justice and letting him turn her world upside down.

The Review

SO umm Yumm! This book brings serious heat! Definitely not a book for faint of heart as it does contain language and scenes that are very crude. That being said I loved this book! The writing is done well and nothing is overly done or becomes too much with the scenes in the book. The scenes were just enough and fit perfect. The analogies used in this book and relations between the animals and their relationship fit perfect as well. My only complaint is I wish they were slightly older than 19 as it felt more adultish than teenager ish, however it did not affect the story in the slightest. This was a great stand alone book and read quick! Thank you Amanda for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.




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