Boundary (The Other Horizons Trilogy #1) by Mary Victoria Johnson


The Synopsis

Kept inside an eerie estate for their entire lives, Penny and her five friends have had no contact with the outside world, with their only windows being a handful of books, a sinister master and a secretive housekeeper.Fed up of living a mystery, Penny begins breaking all the rules and finally tries to escape; but what she uncovers is far more devastating than she could have imagined. It rapidly becomes a deadly struggle for the truth in a world where nothing is what it seems, and friendship can be either your greatest weapon…or your biggest liability.

The Review

This is a great YA book! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this eerie tale. I actually read on another review, that the author had wrote this book when she 14! This fun book is an imaginative story and full of surprises. I would love to read the next installment as this book leaves some questions unanswered. The story while moving a little slow at first quickly picks up and has you racing to read to the end as you wonder what could actually be happening. You can feel from page one that so much is left under the surface. This book will have you guessing and just when you have it figured out, you find more terrors and more surprises. Super fun read! 3.5 stars from me. Thank you John Hunt Publishing for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review!

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