The Realm of You: A Novel by Amanda Richardson book review


The Synopsis

When Marlin Winters awakens in an alternate universe, living in Vermont and engaged to a man she doesn’t recognize, she’s determined to figure out why she’s here and what sequence of events lead her to this moment. Over the course of one day, she begins to piece together the last week of her real life. What’s more, when the day is over, she doesn’t want to leave. Though she avoids it, sleep eventually comes, and the life she yearns for disappears forever.
The next day, Marlin wakes up in a hospital bed. It becomes abundantly clear that her wonderful life in Vermont was all a dream. Intent on regaining the happiness she felt, she decides to uproot her life and begin volunteering at a psychiatric hospital in the same town as the one in her dream. What she doesn’t expect is for both lives to come crashing together in a strange twist of fate.
The Realm of You is a dark contemporary romance about discovering your second chance. Sometimes the mind works in mysterious ways, and in Marlin’s case, it gives her a glimpse of what could have been. Once she gets a taste, she’ll do anything to make it a reality.

The Review

WOW! Amanda never ceases to amaze me! I have read several books by her now and each one I fall in love with more and more. This book is wonderfully written as it is thought provoking. This book will pull you in and make you look at your own life in a new light. While being dark in some parts, it is very hopeful in others. This book consumed every piece of me. While I should note that suicide and depression is present in the book, Amanda shows it in a beautiful way. She does not poke fun at it, nor does she make it out for something it is not. I loved that it is shown for what it is. Sometimes bad things happen to people and for no apparent reason to others there will to live just stops. As someone who has battled depression I could much of myself in this book. Sometimes our will does just stop and depression consumes us and sometimes we don’t have a reason for it nor will we ever know why, it is just there. You see Marlin battle so much, a death, a controlling manipulative boyfriend, and in an alternate life, a life she never dreamed she could have. Then within a single breath she is back to life she hates. This book keeps you glued as you want to see if Marlin will pull herself out of her old life and find a balance between her old one and the one she could have. Thank you Amanda for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review. 5 stars from me!

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