Fancy & Adriaan by Haidji book review


The Synopsis

o you believe in love?
Do you really Believe in love?
Fancy & Adriaan is a fairy tale; a real love story.

Fancy was born in a flower, in a distant world.
Adriaan was born over tree branches, in the same world.
As a fairy and as an elf, they lived their lives and their platonic love, in that world.
One day, Fancy decided to seek permission to go to the human world.
Will Fancy & Adriaan’s love survive?

The Review

Lyrical and beautiful this story brings so much in such a short book. While only being a few short pages, Haidji yet again knocks it out of the park. This is the  second book I’ve read by her and will continue to do so! I have been blessed by receiving a copy of this from her in exchange for my honest review. She has made me a true fan!. This story is so beautiful and so heartfelt. She bring a sweet fairy tale and pours so much love and emotion in to it. This is a beautiful and phenomenal read. The story is magical and brings you in as you can’t let go of any word until you reach the close of the book. This book made me swoon and my heart swell.  5 stars from me!

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