Mesilla by Robert James Russell book review


The Plot

1863, New Mexico Territory. Shot full of holes and on the run from the relentless pursuit of his one-time friend now intent on retribution, Confederate deserter Everett Root finds himself navigating the brutal desert headed to the town of Mesilla, where he believes salvation lies. But when Everett stumbles on a cache of silver, and a young girl who’s lost everything, he is forced to take stock of his past and his future. Full of sprawling landscapes and wild gunmen, Mesilla is a story of one man’s resolve to rectify the wrongs he has committed and make peace with his place in the world.

The Review

It is clear to me that I am becoming more and more of a fan of Robert James Russell. His novellas are wonderfully written and spark so much intrigue. Russell takes your typical western backdrop and turns in into something more. His poetic pens flows and delivers us a rugged gunslinger, woman in distress, and hostile Indians. This book is a fast read and packed full of adventure. The backdrop of this book is set in a rough world and you root for our main hero as he races against his opponent. This gritty world is brought to life before you and you are pulled in as this book unfolds before your very eyes. With a keen imagination from Russell you will not be able to put this book down! 5 stars from me!

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