The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson book review


The Synopsis

How would you pay if you were billed for the expense of your life? In this book we follow an unnamed male lead who works in a video store store. his life mostly includes talking to his friend Roger, re-watching movies and eating takeout. When he receives a large bill in the mail for the expense of his life, he calls this national company known as W.R.D to figure out what exactly this bill entails. After waiting on hold for  a very long time, he is told that he is being billed for how his life as been lived. His bill is an astronomical amount! With a man is so content with having so little, how will he pay?

The Review

I found this book to be brilliant and a tad scary. This book wasn’t scary in a BOO!, type way but rather in a oh my god how would i handle this situation way. I found Karlsson to be very imaginative and have a very smooth and fluid pen. I loved reading this book! I ended up reading from page one to the last page in one sitting it was so good. I found myself white knuckled, and gripping every page wondering how our main man would make out of this drastic situation. I feel that there was very good underlying morals to this book. It almost makes you want to reevaluate your life and see each little thing in every moment. The writing was brilliant and flowed smoothly. The book while being short delivered so much. Thank you blogging for books for sending me this. While i received this book for free, all thoughts, opinions and views are my own. 4 stars from me!

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