The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis book review



The Plot

Everything Elka knows, she has learned from a man known only to her as Trapper. he is a man who took her in at the age of 7 under his care. But one day when Elka goes in to town she sees a wanted poster for him and her world is shattered as she comes to the realization that this father figure to her is wanted for murder. And now a sharp shooter, Magistrate Lyon is hot on his trail and wants to talk to Elka. Its then that Elka disappears into the wilderness, determined to find her true parents. But Trapper isn’t far behind. With two people hot on her trail, Elka will have the ultimate test of uncovering long, lost dark memories and pushing limits of a friendship.

The Review

This debut thriller has such a new and unique voice that I could not put it down! I was gripping, white,bare knuckled over every page. First off lets talk about the writing style. Set in a post what we call the Rapture setting, people have learned to adapt. The way the spoken language between characters is what grabbed me first.

“I seen women take this kind a’ help from a man with a look a’ relief on their faces. I wondered if these women knew how much easier their lives would be if they did all this stuff for themselves.”
― Beth Lewis, The Wolf Road

As you can see above the language usage above it is very unique and helps to pan out a better movie in your head as you read along with the perspective of Elka. Elka is such a lovable character as she is tough, strong willed (heavens above is she strong willed), and very humorous. Most of her thoughts and inner dialogue had me laughing and smiling as she is such a smart a**. She is also very wise for someone her age as well.

“But I weren’t no quitter No wolf nor bear just gives up when they get beat or hungry. You ever seen a bear jump off a cliff ’cause life handed him a few rough draws? No, you haven’t. The wild keeps going till it don’t have strength in its muscles and bones. The wild doesn’t give up; it’s forever, and so was I.” 

― Beth Lewis, The Wolf Road.
 One of the things I loved most was the shadow of the wolf that Elka picks up along the way ( explains the title huh? :D). It really adds to the poetry of the book and helps you visualize a more accurate picture. The Symbolism between Elka and the wolf was sheer beauty and poetically written.The whole book itself flowed so smooth, even for the writing style of the “hick speak”. this book is one to keep on your shelf as you will want to go back again and again to reread this novel. Thank you Blogging For Books for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.


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