The Sign by Jeff Coleman

the sign

The Synopsis as taken from GoodReads

John and his daughter Ki are enjoying a night at the carnival when they stumble upon a brightly lit old fashioned merry-go-round. Struck by the lights, the music and the animals, they eagerly take it for a spin. But this is no ordinary ride. As they plunge headlong into otherworldly darkness to face an unnatural evil, John begins to suspect that they may lose more than just their lives…

The Review

This dark fantasy story is quite intriguing. While the book is a bit short, it does not affect the book in a negative way. I would love to see more from this author, as his attention to detail is great and he uses parallels that are up for the reader to decide. While being a clean book, I wouldn’t suggest it for a younger audience as it is a tad eerie. This story definitely takes you along for the ride as well as you are torn from the page and thrown into this world. I really, really want this to become a longer book as I am totally in love with it! Or perhaps a collection of short stories in this style. Anyways thank you Jeff for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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