The Last Judgement by Michael Canon book review


The Plot

When Dylan Anderson loses his job he hits rock bottom. He trades in a luxurious lifestyle for a secluded one living on a campground and soon finding himself being kicked out from there. Wanting to drown his sorrows in a pint of icy cold beer he swings by the local bar that his best friend owns. Life has a funny way of getting you when your down. Looking rough and ragged he runs into the love of his life Erica and former coworkers. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! It’s then that Dylan finds himself swept away into another world, that’s filled with aliens, life size rats, and people trying to hunt him down! In an out of this world book that you don’t want to miss, pick up your copy today!

The Review

WOW! So first off let me start by saying that I loved this book so much I bought the Audible version. The book itself is amazing. There are lots of well drawn pictures included throughout the whole book that gives you a better feel for who these people and creatures are and what they look like. You truly see what Michael sees in his head when he thought of these characters. The book while being short brings so much fourth. It seems as though this story could be real and is happening before you. You grow to love their personalities and love/hate some ( *cough* Andres *cough*). The audible version of this book was amazing too as it had lots of sound effects. The people who did the voices were amazing and make it play out like a theatrical performance before you. The writing was so fluid and slid off the pages and into your mind as you turn each page dying to know what will happen next. The cover was also well suited for this book as it fit the story perfectly. I also loved the fact that the author included pictures of the actual people that inspired his characters. It’s rare to see an author do this in a book, but when they do, it is a treasure as it makes you feel more connected to the author. I loved the extra scenes he added at the end, although it left me wanting more! I hope to see more by this author as he has a unique voice and style that hasn’t been seen by most. Thank you again Michael for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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