Murder in Missoula by Laurence Giliotti book review


The Plot

Joe Nicoletti is a retired federal agent who is more than willing to take a faculty position at the University of Montana. After all who wouldn’t want to move away from the place where your wife was killed? He just never thought this dream move would turn into a nightmare. After all what did you expect when there is a murder in Missoula?

The Review

This book is definitely interesting. The author lets us also read in the killers perspective. You see and feel what the killer does as he moves throughout the book. The story however did feel like their were loose ends that needed to be tied up as you are left with questions at the end. However this may be the writers decision to bring in a second book as I feel that he could profit from a second book. The story was pretty gripping in some points, but i did find myself losing interest in others and having to force myself through them. The premise is a great idea and i did like some of the characters while some others i felt should have been bigger and i was left wondering where their development was. Overall an interesting read but just 3 stars from me. Thanks NetGalley and Chateau Noir publishing for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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