Pieced Together by Kelly Moore book review

pieced together

The Plot

Following up after book 1 Broken Pieces, Kyren can’t forgive himself for killing Brogans father. He did it to save her but it cost him her. Both go separate ways to try to heal. Brogan to a remote island and Kyren to his yacht drowning himself in booze. When fate intervenes and throws them back together, they question if its really over. Can Brogan forgive him and will she tell him the truth? And more importantly can Kyren forgive himself?

The Review

A great continuation to book 1! The story is easy to pick back up, and now I am highly anticipating book 3, because yet again I am left with another cliffhanger. I must interject by saying that it does tie everything up nicely but still wide open where you crave more. These characters go through so many changes and still face so many challenges. This book is well written (even though I found a few grammatical errors). I felt that the story shows good development in the author herself as she takes on this sequel in a powerful way. This series is great and I cant wait to read more. Thank you Kelly for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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