Orison by Brandon Gray, Braden Bell book review


The Plot

Aurianna lives shunned and alone. When human named Branson King crashes into a tree and kills her grandmother, the dryads force Aurianna to take an oath that she will kill Branson—or die herself as punishment. But instead  Aurianna discovers affection, and sparks of passion—along with a deadly secret. As her relationship with Branson grows, Aurianna realizes she must kill the only person that might ever love her.

The Review

This book is so fascinating. I have never read a book about dryads (tree spirits) before! This novel had me captivated since I read the description about it! The plot was genius and immerses you in a magical world that feels like its happening around you. I loved the idea of the Orison song they sing to release her grandmothers spirit and all of the by laws were very interesting. It was breath catching as you watched Aurianna make every decision for herself and watch the punishments she is given and how she learns to stand on her own. This book is a quick read, though not in a bad way. just one that you cant put down. This is a definite book to be on everyone’s TBR list as it is so unique. Thank you Braden for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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