Alive by Vanessa Garden book review


The Plot

17 year old Amber Reid longs for a different life. Everyone in town blames her for her brothers death and treats her like an outcast. When billionaire energy drinker extends an off to Amber and several others to taste test new flavors they accept. Mid flight they are told that they are not destined for beautiful island but instead to a world that is filled with souls of the dead and danger. Hoping to see her brother again, Amber accepts the challenge from King Cyril to cross over into the land of resting souls. There is just one catch no one has ever returned from there. If she returns his soul will be restored, but will that truly make him alive?

The Review

The plot was well written and immerses you immediately. The characters were very well written and you feel as if you know them yourself. Although I agree with another reviewer when she compared one character to a tiny Joffrey from GOT.(pompous little sh**) I really thought the alternating points of view fit nicely and made the story feel more alive. The attention she pays to detail makes this read all the more wonderful. This is a true adventure that you don’t want to miss out on! Thank you Vanessa for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review!

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