A June Wedding by Emily Murdoch book review


The Plot

Victoria Walsingham daughter a of country daughter, is in love with Isaac Quinn, the son of the Duke of Daventry. Despite their love for one another Isaac refuses Victoria due to her lack of title and she is left heartbroken. When her brother unexpectantly inherits the title Earl of Chesire, she in thrown into high society. When she returns home single (much to her mothers dismay), she finds a wedding invitation from Isaac and his soon to be bride. As she finds herself still reeling from the heartbreak, she also finds herself spending more and more time with Isaac. Can their flame be rekindled? Or will she ultimately still be left heartbroken?

The Review

WOW! This book was so sweet and charming! And can we also gush for a minuet about how beautiful the cover is? This regency romance is eloquently and beautifully written. Words pour from Emily like beautiful poetry as each one opens up before you. This story was a marvelous read and kept me captivated. She wonderfully builds this beautiful world around you filled with enchanting characters. The book is truly one that should be on everyones to read list. If you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice type books, then I highly recommend this one! I love the minor details placed throughout the book. The story builds beautifully and has me wanting more in this series! I cant wait to read more by Emily!!Thank you so much for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review!

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