Managing Bubbie by Russel Lazega book review


The Synopsis

A family family memoir recounted by Russel Lazega. This tale looks at the life of a Jewish family living in Miami Beach, as they try to find an acceptable assisted living facility for Lea Lazega. As they try to take of her in the meantime, they learn just how strong willed she is. Through her refusal to take medications and other catastrophes, this hilarious recount is a book to remember.

The Review

This book was so fun for a memoir. Most memoirs are told very point blank and have no lightheartedness. This one had me laughing through out it all the way! It was humorous and very touching. I loved the use of the alternating chapters. The retelling of how she fled Nazi-occupied Europe and another of today’s time as this family tries to take care of the cantankerous woman! One of my favorite lines in this book is where the family has her at this one assisted living home and she says, “I’ll escape. I escaped from Hitler, I can escape from here!”. This had me rolling. As someone who has worked in assisted living homes, this had so much truth to it! This was such a good read, from holding my sides laughing to almost crying my eyes out, this is truly the best memoir like this I have ever read.

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