Limping through Life: A Farm Boy’s Polio Memoir by Jerry Apps book review


The Synopsis

In this book Jerry Apps recounts his life of how when just at the age of 12, he contracted Polio. Here we get a close look of his life and all the trials Polio caused him. A young farm boy who loved playing softball to becoming a successful writer. This tale shows all the real raw emotion and how one boys life changed on a fateful winter night.

The Review

I really enjoyed the first half of this book the most. It accurately shows what life is like on a rural farm in WI. The writer holds no bar on expressing the emotion and depression a kid feels upon learning he has this disease. Throughout the book you see some amazing people step in and help him to overcome his depression with having Polio. I felt that you really can see the inner side to him. However as the book progressed into more of how he became a writer, I felt myself losing interest because it started feeling like the writer was trying to get an interview somewhere vs this is my life and what happened. However it was still an enjoyable read and I will still give it 4 stars. Thank you librarything for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.





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