Search (SEEK Book 1) by Candie L. Campbell


The Synopsis

Kiera is not a normal 17 year old girl, as she works for SEEK, an elite organization that hunts and tracks the shadow creatures called Khayal. in order to get her sister’s operation, she must hunt down a boy named Jonathan. It’s wither that or seduce him and get him to join SEEK. But what happens when Kiera gets injured by one of the Khayal and now shes the one being hunted? And what happens when Jonathan is the one trying to help her?

The Synopsis

The relationships, and questioning loyalties in this book were amazing! The main character was beautifully written and was very complex! I loved reading how Kiera went through so many changes and developed her character throughout the book. The writing was terrific and i was really drawn in to all the mystery and action surrounding this book. As i got to know each character, i felt as though they could be someone I really knew. Even as an adult i found myself really really loving this book. The editing was wonderfully done and there were hardly any errors if at all. The cover is superbly done and the picture of this book does not do it justice, as when you see it in person its a beautiful explosion of color! I felt the characters were very strong and i thoroughly enjoyed watching the development, and I cant wait to read more in this series. I believe that this book is great for YA up to adult as this held my interest and I had to stay up reading it because I couldn’t put it down. 2485601390467368 stars from me Candie!!! And thank you for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review!

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