Rebecca Tree by Michael Abramson book review


The Synopsis

The world is in chaos. States are washed away, fruit is having to be hand pollinated in an attempt to grow more crop, and Rebecca’s brother (the president) has just been assassinated. When Rebecca is blackmailed in to running for president, she has no choice. Its when she wins that she is surprised. When she starts uncovering family secrets, she learns that someone is out to assassinate her.

The Review

An intriguing read from page one. One major positive for me in this book is that Rebecca is such a strong character. She has so much pain early in life and really steps up to the plate for a home run when needed. She handles a lot of ongoing problems around her so strongly. This book had so much action many mysteries that I could not put it down. Kind of a little scary though reading some parts as it hits close to home and makes you wonder how much of the political problems mentioned and depicted are actually happening under our noses. I truly couldn’t believe that this was the author’s 1st book given how amazing it was. A true nail biter from the first page to the last. This is definitely a book to be up and coming and wont soon be forgotten!

You can buy this book on:

Amazon (free for KU)




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