Dangerous Dreams by Mike Rhynard book review


The Synopsis

As the story unfolds of what really happened to the lost colony, the book alternates between present time and 1587. The story follows Allie O’Shay who dreams of the “Lost Colony of Roanoke”.Each night takes her further and further into the mystery surrounding the lost colony and what really happened. As Allie dreams of different colonists such as Emily, currently sought by two suitors, and the Powhatan chiefdom, as they plan the colonies demise, the mystery unfolds a little at a time.

The Review

WOW! What a read! Even though this book is nearly 800 pages, I found myself unable to put it down! The author truly did his research in the history to try to keep everything as accurate as possible. The story moves so fast paced that you are on the edge of your seat along for the ride.I completely loved the intersecting story lines between past and present and found it easy to keep track of who everyone was and the time periods the different parts took places. There are so many plot twists! This historical novel is one that I will forever love. I was so interested right away to read this as the Roanoke legend had always held my attention. And bravo to Mike for making my love even deeper for this legend. I loved the epilogue as it sets up enough foundation to where he can write more but it still ties up all the loose ends. With a sheer brilliance and wonder pen, this book is a 5 star read. Thank you library thing for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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