Barracuda by Sigmund Brouwer book review


The Synopsis

In a prequel to “Devil s Pass” and “Tin Soldier,”, Jim Webb wants nothing more than to hunt barracuda from a kayak on the Florida Keys. It’s when he discovers a generations old crime that he realizes just how dangerous the Keys really are and what truly lurks in the water. On this journey of mystery and self discovery Jim is about to find out a whole lot.

The Review

Okay first off let me say this book is geared for ages 9-12 so i will be reviewing it for that age group. I thought for the generation it was interned for it was a great book. It had lots of valuable lessons and some mini history thrown in it throughout. I also loved that the author describes thing in a away that 9 year olds can understand. This book was so much fun and had a young Indiana Jones, meets Alex Cross esque feel to it. i think the age group its targeted for was perfect. I cant wait to read this book to my nephew. 4 stars! And thank you librarything and the publisher, Orca Book Publishers for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

You can buy this book Sept 20, 2016




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